Sometimes the toughest thing in life is walking away.  Even when you are walking away a toxic situation.  It’s not easy.  Human nature drives us to the familiar and the comfortable.  Think about this for a second can the toughest thing to do be the one thing that ends up providing the biggest reward?  If there wasn’t risk it wouldn’t be such a valuable option.  Here are some signs that it’s time to walk away.

5 Signs That You Need To Walk Away

Your gut tells you something is wrong.

You would be surprised that when your gut tells you something there is a reason for that.  Trust it.  Intuition can be an effective mechanism to avoiding what might be worse.  Even those of us who aren’t particularly clairvoyant this is not an instinct that should be ignored.  Sometimes it could be paranoia but a lot of times it’s not.  If you notice some of the other things in this list you should give your gut instinct some more thought.

You don’t feel the same connection anymore.

It could be as simple as not wanting to be intimate.  Or it could be avoidance.  You just feel like avoiding completely.  That’s a strong emotion and there is nothing wrong with it.  People grow and change and sometimes you need a fresh start.  There is nothing wrong with this.  It’s not something to feel guilty about.  If you feel guilty ask yourself why. Are you feeling pressured?  Is it fair for you to feel guilty about the loss of this connection?  Let’s add that you should not feel like a failure.  It takes two to tango.

It feels like a habit.

Are you just going through the motions?  Is it not fun anymore?  Is there no excitement.   This usually happens when the other party is taking advantage of you.  It’s not supposed to be that hard.  Great relationships are easy.  Keep that in mind.

There is no more Trust

It takes more than one lie to break that trust. If you think that was such a big one or you feel so violated by one specific incident that you have lost trust ask yourself one question.  Has it really been just one thing or are there other smaller things that didn’t seem significant and you let go.  This is not on you.  It’s time to move on if you just don’t have trust anymore.

Lack Of Respect

This really shouldn’t need a lot of explanation.  If you feel disrespected frequently then you have to ask yourself do you deserve that.  Of course you don’t.  Did they demean you in front of your friends or acquiescences?  Or worse did they say disrespectful things behind your back?  It’s not supposed to be that way.  You have to ask yourself if your self worth is that low that this is acceptable.  Rewrite the story and move on.